Using freedom of information laws, I discovered that at least nine people had died before receiving money applied for through the Windrush Compensation Scheme. The story ran on Politics Live, Westminster Hour, BBC Politics social, BBC News online and the radio bulletins. It was also mentioned in Parliament by the Shadow Home Secretary and shared on social media by the Leader of the Opposition.

In March 2020, I went to Iceland to make a film about the government there prioritising wellbeing over GDP in their economic plans. I secured an interview with the prime minister and several case studies. We made a TV version for Politics Live and a radio version for Westminster Hour.

In the lead up to the 50th anniversary of the Misuse of Drugs Act, I spoke to Pat Hudson, a retired academic in the west of Wales. Her son Kevin died of a heroin overdoes and Pat believes that laws around problem drug use should change. Around 50 MPs and peers have called for the Act to be scrapped, but its not the majority view in Westminster.

For my film on automation and the future of the workforce, I was allowed in to Europe's largest glass factory, where machines are replacing some of the tasks of people. I also spoke to people in Westminster about how automation could affect white collar workers too. We made versions for both TV and radio.

I made a film for Politics Live about lower league football clubs, the threat to their finances from coronavirus and the youth services they provide in their communities.  Versions of the film ran on online, BBC London and South East and the BBC's language services, as well as across local radio.

I visited a school in Blackburn to find out how they've been dealing with children's mental health issues during the pandemic and what lessons they put in place when children returned to school after lockdown. I also interviewed the Children's Minister about what the government is doing to help. A version of the film also ran on BBC North West Tonight.

In December 2018 I reported on the Political Studies Association's annual awards ceremony for The Week in Parliament programme on BBC Parliament, BBC2 and the BBC News Channel.